Mindfulness is a foundational, transformative practice for living both purposefully and well. It has mental, emotional and physical components that can be readily learned and developed by people with busy minds and busy schedules.

Watch this short video for an introduction to Functional Mindfulness.


Based on the platform developed by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute born at Google, this training bridges age-old mindfulness and breathing practices with emotional intelligence and modern neuroscience as a path to less anxiety, increased work and life satisfaction, improved sleep, social relations, creativity and productivity. It is done on site at companies and professional services firms.


Breath based and heart centered Hatha yoga and basic meditation combined to provide an oasis of vibrant, centered well-being and a basis for a home practice. No experience necessary. Beneficial for all ages and physical abilities.

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A former trial lawyer, I divide my time between being a mediator for civil disputes and teaching mindfulness practices, yoga, and meditation. My transition from trial practice was motivated by a calling to be of service, teaching well-being and bringing peace to peoples’ lives.

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If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. Yoga is adaptable to everyone and everybody. A regular Yoga practice will generally improve your sense of well-being. Among its many benefits, Yoga improves sleep, digestion, and libido while reducing the effects of stress and aging. And......

The essence of mindfulness training is learning to focus attention and engage the world in the present moment with a curious and open mind. Mindfulness meditation is the core of mindfulness training. There is often resistance to learning meditation because people feel that their minds......

Here are articles and videos to give you some basic information about the practice and effectiveness of mindfulness training, yoga and meditation....

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Be present. Be at ease. Enjoy.