Yoga For Every Body

Yoga For Every Body

If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. Yoga is adaptable to everyone and everybody. A regular Yoga practice will generally improve your sense of well-being. Among its many benefits, Yoga improves sleep, digestion, and libido while reducing the effects of stress and aging. And yes, it improves flexibility and muscle tone too.

I am a certified Yoga teacher, trained by Max Strom. I became a teacher to share this transformative practice as developed by Max from traditional Yoga. The goal is well-being. Conscious, rich breathing is the main vehicle; the yoga postures, although highly beneficial, are secondary.


Here is Max on Breath Initiated Movement:

“Breath-initiated movement is the term that is used to describe movement that is initiated and guided by conscious breathing (remember, conscious breathing is deciding to breathe a certain way, not autopilot breathing), where each inhales and exhale sets into motion a movement. You move slowly, and you do not move without your breath leading the way.

Practicing any movement regime in this way offers much more than the typical workout because while you are creating a healthy body, you are also calming the chaotic, throbbing storm in the mind, the relentless critical noise and drama that can feel like your own private purgatory. Breath-initiated movement purposefully and directly eliminates this.

Then, when your mind and nervous system are calm, you see life differently. It is a simple process, but simple things appear otherwise when there is an absence of knowledge. I have observed it positively impact thousands of lives, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Breath-initiated movement does not just open your muscles and joints, it opens your eyes, and you see the world through these new eyes.”

~ Max Strom (2015)

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